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Erisco foods Limited ,Arrested a customer, for asking people to tell her if they have used their tomatoes, because she noticed too much sugar on it, what Erisco foods should have done, is to have responded, in polite way, work on the review/survey & serve customers better.

The management of Erisco Foods Limited acted viciously and lrresponsible by instigating the police to arrest and detain a customer for her negative review of their product.

A customer expressed her view on

your tomatoes product, you decided to deploy the police to arrest her in Lagos and had her transferred to Force Headquarters in Abuja.

There are certain things that happen in this country that can only be attributed to insanity.


If you disagree with her review, a simple public statement would have sufficed. They could have reached out to her to understand her view and explain their position. That would have earned the company and the brand more patronage.

But no, some people felt that force has to be the answer. What a silly way to resolve a simple matter. Arrogance is the issue here. I hope that they learn a hard lesson from this case.

The police has refused to reform itself. The way any charlatan in this country can easily weaponize the police is upsetting.

They keep criminalizing civil disputes. We cannot continue like this.

By Inibehe Effiong

Here are, some response from Concerned Nigerians.

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