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An online meeting for creative impact and innovation for,passionate, creative students, fresh graduate and young professionals between ages 18-60

At ‘The Funding Space 2019’ a young lady received investment of $10,000 for her reusable sanitary pad enterprise and a young lad won N1,000,000 after pitching his waste recycling venture.

Talk about life-changing opportunities!

This would have eluded them if they did not attend ‘The Funding Space’. To even hear about this event, you had to belong to a network as there were no open invitations.

I attended ‘The Funding Space’ because Founder of Head start Africa John Obidi shared the information with his community group which l’m a member, there are opportunities you would never be privilege to unless you are in certain circles and meet with high profile innovative personalities.

But I realize there’s a real need to democratize these opportunities and cascade to many more young people because they need all the advantages they can get.

To this end, I have set up a virtual meeting for Impact and innovation Online School (EMAG) for young people ages 18-60, where they can access information on some of these events.

BENEFITS of this meeting

  • Find clarity to your life goals.
  • Job opportunities
  • Business Funding opportunities
  • Global meeting opportunities
  • Weekly classes on Leadership, Personal Development, Employability & Entrepreneurship skills, talents and creativity.
  • How to turn your passion to book.
  • Intersection prayer for each other, for business growth.
  • Learn how to build customer relationship.
  • Learn power of consistently, intentionally and confidently do whatever legitimate vision you have with success.
  • New Book alert spotlight
  • Access to one-on-one Coaching and Mentorship.
  • How you can use story telling, personal or general story to connect with your clients.
  • Magazine business spotlight
  • Pitch for global visibility and patronage.
  • You can also be part of our monthly magazine commission package with zero start up, earn up to 20% commission when you refer interested clients to us for magazine business spotlight feature.

E.g if we charge 200k for front cover you earn 40k commission.

It is a one-stop platform/community on WhatsApp for ambitious young people – students, fresh graduates, youths young entrepreneurs and young professionals, brands.

@2000 Only

We have pegged access at N2,000 (two thousand naira only).

I want to meet and greet with at least 2000 of my Facebook friends out of my 5,000 friends and 3,000 + followers.

I need to share some vital information with you all on Entrepreneurship, so much to talk about.

How you can go from not selling to high demand selling.
How you can go from normal social media visibility to global visibility and attract international patronage just like l did during our August Edition #Jidekaijiglobalmagazine

We successfully featured amazing Nigerian thought Leader’s, Emeka Nobis, Adaobi Sandra I. Branded money, (Boss guru)
Nigerian/ UK base Serial Entrepreneurs, business mogul, best selling Author and Bitcoin chief.
They paid for their services 5- 6 figures, Plus how our October edition which we featured Senator Dr ifeanyi Ubah, how we received order of 100 copies and many more.

If l can, you too can!

One thing is to have amazing product’s, vision, another thing to learn best strategy to get potential customers to patronise you.

Venue is closed WhatsApp group
Indicate interest by commenting and share this post
WhatsApp 08122211207
For more details.

Bonus offer we will feature first 100 participants that will pay earlier enough.
It’s monthly class, pay between 1st and 2nd week,
In your preferred Batch

Stand a chance to be featured in our monthly magazine for 50%

If you prefer a bank account.

Uju Christy Okoye Access. 0042375414

Meeting start as soon as you register.

Registration is on a first come first served basis, once class is full, that’s it for 1st Batch, Next
Batch will be the following month.