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For every event there is always a central focus. The theme or the main idea behind the event. –

The red carpet is not just about looking good, wearing fancy clothes and showing off your sense of fashion and style. –

It’s also the first place guests and invites grasp the central focus before settling in for the main event. –

The quality of the host, the set up and the ambience of the red carpet goes a long way to show the quality of the event. –

For quality interviews, classy presentations and exciting red carpet experience Jidekaiji its always at your beck and call. –

Full red carpet coverage with highlights of the main event

Quality host with a lively personality to bring class and style to your red carpet.

Short videos for promotions on terrestrial and digital(social media)

Awesome Products/Services, recommendations, online/offline promo/Shinning spotlight of your services in our pages and websites.

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