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Passion to profit Bundle

What You Will Get From This Bundle

Unveiling how exactly you can impact, influence and make profit, how you can start converting real buyers to patronise your business make more sales without spending unnecessary money on Ads, take your business from normal to global.

You will learn tips to apply on your Entrepreneurship to attract more sales.

You're getting

Seven of my E-Books for as good as FREE
plus "magazine business spotlight",- Super discount

I will unveil secret how you can use your passion to make profits you will learn best strategy to overcome placing too much pressure on yourself.

You will get my book

Plus Business Start up recommendation with over 50+ legitimate business you can start with little capital and make huge
Mini important guide step by step on how you import goods from China in cheaper rate. N 7,000.
(Marketing strategy on how to sell your product’s and services.

Take your business from normal to global spotlight.

Entrepreneur is not a work in the park, you deserve some accolades, let’s crown you jidekaiji (keep it up ) keep up your great work, get opportunity to showcase your products and services globally, take advantage of our Google play store app you’re services will have the Chance to be visible to billions of people in the world.

All Worth 22,000 N

But your getting it as good as

You get access to the this great offer, Everything for, 5,000 N


Only if you take action now and do not delay!

fastest finger, goal getters, those who are fast enough to take advantage of this mouth watering super discount offer within 72 hours
The offer goes up to original price, after 72 hours. 3 Days.

You’re sure on your way to living the best life that you deserve.
With collection of my success stories, my journey as l pursued my interest & passion around the world, visited four countries with diverse culture, and can fluently speak Portuguese language lived a decade of my life in Portuguese speaking country.

I’ve turned them into information products and services, that serves others and support a lifestyle of travel, freedom, and opportunities & Unveiling
Strategy to, Impact, influence and profit, and live the best life that you deserve.

I'm excited to share the ideas with you in this passion to bundle pack.


Recognized by Leading Media

Money back guarantee

If after purchase this bundle pack your not satisfied, you get 100 % refund.

I produced my short viral film on YouTube when my baby was 4 months, l used my compound as location and and was able to breastfeed him when his hungry and successfully shot the film.
Without excuse?after that l went ahead, and produced more short films, including feature film Virgin super model, one of fiction sex education book, turned film, which l made 6-7 figures.

I will be glad to show you how you can also carry out your desire project without excuse, from normal to global.

*if your tired of moving around circles.
*If your tired of being damn broke despite your hard work.
I can relate, l have being there,
It wasn’t an easy experience.
Till l found permanent solution.

I am giving you all of these for #5000

For over 60 days I have been working on this just for you…

This is a compilation of all that worked for me between last year and this year and I gave a step-by-step procedure on how you man make it work for you..

I want to have a deal with you…

If you purchase the bundle and it didn’t meet up to your expectation, I will give you a full refund of your money + you will get to keep the book and the bonus that comes alongside.

This bundle last for 3 days.

Don’t you want this?

* if you want to take your business
From Normal to global spotlight.

*Don’t miss this Super discount Passion to profit bundle.

I’m unveiling, the blueprint, the secret of how you can impact, influence and profit from your passion.


or N5,000 only for 72 hours!

The Bundle go back to original price of 22, 000 N after 3 days

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