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The late Mohbad’s sister-in-law has issued a warning to activist VeryDarkMan after he demanded DNA on the artist’s son. “We will sue you for N300M if you don’t stop asking for DNA test” –


The late Mohbad’s sister-in-law has issued a warning to activist VeryDarkMan after he demanded DNA on the artist’s son.

“We will sue you for N300M if you don’t stop asking for DNA test” – Mohbad’s sister-in-law warns VeryDarkMan

A confrontational media figure, VeryDarkMan, questioned Mohbad’s paternity and demanded a DNA test to determine the child’s biological parent.

The activist voiced concern over possible close family participation, citing the wife’s public pronouncements of widowhood. VeryDarkMan underlined the importance of conducting an exhaustive DNA test to identify the child’s true paternity.

The late Mohbad’s sister-in-law has dragged VeryDarkMan on her Instagram story and threatened the activist with a N300 million lawsuit for defamation of character.

“Asking a mourning woman to submit her son for DNA test is pure evil”- Actress Mary Njoku chides Nigerians
The sudden death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has shocked the country.

As more information about his death becomes available, one item has sparked a heated debate: some Nigerians want to run a DNA test on his child.

Mohbad’s body was recently exhumed from his burial site, and the authorities conducted an autopsy quickly, leaving the public yearning for answers concerning his demise.

In the middle of this excitement, rumours have begun, with some netizens questioning the paternity of the child he shared with his wife before his death.

The actress, known for her candid beliefs, joined the debate with her own opinions.

She took to her instagram story to berate those who were asking “a mourning woman to submit her DNA test”
In her own words

“Asking a mourning

Widow to submit her son for a DNA test is pure

Evil. Haba!

She just lost a husband!

Lost a father to her child! Lost her Helper and Protector of over 10yrs! Let her mourn in peace!

If you can’t support her, don’t add to her misery!

Small monev don enter

MERCY OBIDAKE BLO gov and we are susts

for DNA test. Just because she isn’t rich.

If her husband didn’t doubt the paternity of his child, who are we to think otherwise?

Abeg make una no let the dead para for una o!

Don’t frustrated his family!!!!

Let’s focus on getting #justiceformohbad”

Her words resonated with many Nigerians who felt that such a request was insensitive, especially during a time of grief.

Excerpt GistLover

In as much as l like Real Dark man confidence and views on things, especially the way he fought in Jenny glow matter.

I dislike his view on this DNA, because, it’s sign of lack of empathy and emotional intelligence, everything has time, this a wrong timing to ask for such, the young lady is grieving and the way he said this child doesn’t look like Mohbad without confirmation,is totally wrong & it’s a character defamation.


What is the meaning of defamation of character?
Defamation, or defamation of character, describes hurting someone’s reputation or character by making fraudulent statements regarding that person. There are two types of defamation:

What is an example of defamation?
What is defamation? Defamation is a false statement presented as a fact that causes injury or damage to the character of the person it is about. An example is “Tom Smith stole money from his employer.” If this is untrue and if making the statement damages Tom’s reputation or ability to work, it is defamation.

My Question is What if after DNA & result confirmed that the child is Mohbad son!

Which means Real dark man & the rest of Nigerians, that supported, he will likely pay for the damages, l hope those standing by him, will still be bold enough & available to stand by Him, trust Nigerians in this case, they will disappear & back out.

Please let’s be wise, and focus on the real issue, which is justice for Mohbad & 🙏 Not DNA.



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