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⭐Our vision in Jidekaiji Global Magazine / media platform.
The important of you’re good will Donation to keep the vision running!

⭐African No1 Business promotion, Entrepreneur Spotlight, Extraordinary News, Humanitarian,Creativity talents
Recommendations, products/Services, Culture/Heritage & Events,Leadership, Lifestyle Magazine!

⭐ #Jidekaijiglobalmagazine encourages Kids, Teenagers, youths, men and women Entrepreneurs to find their talents and passion from young age, be creative.
No excuses! start now! with what you have in you’re hands,
In our save our Teenagers project
We train and teach our young teens crucial hygienic ways to take care of their body,(Free pads) free training materials, books, and give away, educate them on sex education, moral life lessons that will help them be the best Leaders of tomorrow. Make their parents, nation and the world
Proud of them. And the need never to give up, no matter what, and suicide is never an option.
Consistency, perseverance, & determination lead to success.

⭐We feature success stories of thought leaders in Africa, renown serial Entrepreneurs, High profile personality’s, and icons with many years of experience and success outcome to encourage our young ones that, they too can achieve whatever they set their minds to do legitimately.

⭐lt’s takes us Thousands of Naira to keep this vision running, We run free business spotlight for young extraordinary Entrepreneurs services to be more visible and go from normal to global and give them accolades they deserve, which reduce unemployment, because by the time they graduate from school they will be job creators not job seekers.

⭐ Entrepreneur is not easy, especially starting it from scratch in this part of nation, where majority DIY with no support. from majority of our Leaders,so let’s keep supporting each other, Made in Naija brand, in our own little ways.

⭐We Keep upholding our African culture, heritage, events and unique individual potential for greater impact in our nation/globally.

⭐We rise by holding each other hands.
If you find our content valuable
Kindly Donate with cheerful/ Kind heart❤!

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Kindly Donate as Spirit Led
No amount is too small to support positive course!

We appreciate you’re preference!
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Jidekaiji Global Services.

Zenith Bank.


Impossible is nothing.
JIDEKAIJI (keep it up)
Thank you👏🏽 for you’re kind free will donation God bless you abundantly!
Forward ever backward never.
One ❤!



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