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Meta WHY ?

Meta, WHY?

As some know, I am a pioneer in the whole page and content thing on Facebook in our clime, I created the 1st major page (2009) where almost everyone on FB gathered to opine on issues. Then, people generally did not use their walls, they used news pages to share their views, today it’s different, even though many still gather on walls like mine and other news pages to share their views, majority are now on their walls and their pages creating contents, and expressing their views. In my pioneer days, Facebook did not pay, but today Facebook pays, why should Nigeria be denied the right to earn, for years, but hurridly granting us the right to pay for bluetick, within a few months it was debuted? Why?

I am a Facebook Real Estate Agent, I deal in Pages and even Communities (Groups). I have access to over 1000 pages. Most of the pages I seII have reached all monetization requirements. What is needed to instream and Livestream ads monitisation is 60,000 and 600,000 video minutes respectively. Over 300 of my pages have surpassed that, some have 2m to 5m+ video minutes. In that case Facebook will even prompt you to set up, like the screenshot before. My page buy clients from abroad locations can set up it instantly and start earning. But if a Naija buyer clicks that set up, OYO. Once they see your Nigeria location details, it will stay pending. Wetin we do Mark? Wetin? This is winch. Now Meta that won’t make Nigeria legible for Monitisation for years quickly made Nigeria legible for buying blueticks. Mark why? Why? Why? The heaven your people promised blllks, will Nigeria be legible even in fantasy? Since you have refused to make us legible to earn money through our efforts like those in other legible nations.

When Meta gave me bluetick on my profile, we were only about 5 persons in the whole country that had it. Then later it gave me one on my page. Does it add more money to my account, NO. So it means that if Bluetick made money for people, NIGERIA WOULD HAVE BEEN EXCLUDED. Yes, that is explicitly what it means. Mark wetin blllks do you?

There was some false information floating around that meta has made Nigeria legible for monetisation. It is not true. It is an annoying fake news. Yes, they give star features here and there, but very very sparingly, and at times, they give that star by error to Nigerians, after a while, it will just disappear, and they will give you one excuse or another. There are so many monetization features that are not open to us. So many. Ignore that false news. Making partial monetization available to 10 out of 50 million persons in a country of over 300 million is not good enough.

Almost everyone living abroad has the star feature. Which is available in their videos and ordinary posts. I love Star because I love to appreciate people to encourage them and make them smile, so I spend thousands starring people here and the truth is 99pc of those I star are Nigerians living abroad. It is very rare for a Naija location to have such a privilege. Most times they give a Naija Star and yank it off later. Now it would make me so happy if I am able to star those living in Nigeria too. I load my dollar account callously just to be able to star people here. I am spending at least N700,000 a month in stars and people living where I live don’t get to benefit.

As you see me, I cannot leave my country to live in anyone’s country just to get monetized. I am an old woman, I have lived abroad enough. I can visit briefly and then come back back to my own country. While I traveled out some weeks back, it was great being able to set up monetization swiftly. Why must we leave our own land to be able to enjoy such? My people, we have to collectively do something about this. Nigerians don’t joke with Facebook. Of all social media, this is where everyone and their grandma is. We have contributed plenty to making Facebook what it is. But they don’t rate us. We are being treated like outcasts and pests. Meta, why? Enough! We must collectively do something to upturn this maltreatment. A post will drop later on how we can. Yes we will. And yes we can. Enough is enough.

  1. Image:

A screenshot of one of pages

for seII, as you can see, it has reached all monetization requirements, with Meta asking it to set up, if someone abroad buys it they can monetize it instantly, if Naija buys it, k-leg.

Thank you all, MUN.

Maria Ude Nwachi.

Justice for Nigerian creators.

All Nigerians creators, you all should seek for Justice for this unfair treatment & descrimination by Facebook founder.

Mark  please look into this sad Reality of Nigerian creators.

That’s one of reason l’m hesitating to get blue tick, b when mark start paying me.

Why not ?

Drop your opinion & views on this.


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