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What is the fastest way to scale a business, plus Life changing book and campaign Widowhood redefined

What is the fastest way to scale a business? Find something old, add a modern twist, and send it back out into the world. This is how Nwachinemelu Local Food Kitchen was born. Gozie Udemezue, a trained lawyer and human rights activist, turned her kitchen into a golden goose, proffering a modern day version of her grandmother’s traditional foods. What drives her? “God is my main source of inspiration,” she says. In less than two years, her frozen foods are being mailed across the country and ordered from around the globe.

She Launched her Life changing book and campaign Widowhood redefined. In the 3 States of the Nation
Abuja, Lagos and Enugu.
About the book and the campaign.

Life sometimes throws unexpected curves that could faze even the strongest of people and if we had to choose the things that life directs at us, I am sure we would all pick the sweet experiences and avoid any unpleasantness. Sis. @goziem_udemezue is a strong woman who has taken the lemons life threw at her when she lost her husband tragically, and processed them into lemonade; in turn, she’s on a mission to tell women not to allow themselves to be defined by their challenges. She is indeed#widowedNotWithered and this additional feather to her cap has confirmed the fact that she is a woman of many parts. Today was the Lagos edition of her book presentation and it was an honor to be invited for this beautiful event. The keynote Speaker, Chairman of First Bank, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika’s address largely challenged every woman to cultivate and give expression to the divinely deposited talents and abilities on the inside, which shouldn’t die because a man comes into the picture. In other words, she emphasized the need for women to live their dreams, and said that any man who tries to stifle his wife’s innate abilities does himself more harm, because her powerlessness would affect their children as well. A woman who is not empowered to live her dreams, even if she is not widowed, would lack the capacity to take up the challenge of caring for the home, if for any reason the man is incapacitated, loses his job, or business goes downhill. Her book isn’t for widows only – every woman and man- needs to read ‘Widowhood Redefined! It will help you understand that you don’t have to dwell on the mountain of tragedy of any sort – you can rise above it all and still fulfill purpose. Congrats again sis. for being God’s arm extended to bring beauty from ashes, the oil of joy from a situation which came with lots of stigmatization for the women who are affected. Your hands will never go down. It was nice to re-connect with a lot of my social media friends. The #SM is a powerful connector if you know what you’re doing.
I was live at the Lagos event and gave my own token support.
Jidekaiji Super Woman,keep winning!

Featured in page 19/20 Jidekaiji August Edition

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