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Gaius Chibueze, Africa’s Pioneer Investor In Bitcoin, a Best Selling Author, Bitcoin, Real Estate and Internet Mogul. (Bitcoin Chief)

My Name is Gaius Chibueze, and I’m also known as Bitcoin Chief.

I am Africa’s Pioneer Investor In Bitcoin, a Best Selling Author, Bitcoin, Real Estate and Internet Mogul.
I am A serial entrepreneur who is passionate about maximizing the enormous potentials of the internet and to this effect, I Founded the ABiT Mobile Applications Limited, a global Tech Company which comprises of 3 Sister companies:
1. The ABiT App Platform for (Learning, Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies)
2. The ABiT Crowd funded Real Estate :
A 100% Decentralized Crowdfunded Real Estate company.
3. The ABiT discount shoppers :
This is a Decentralized E-Commerce Platform, where people can buy or sell any regular household at big discounts upto 30-50% Discount.
I am keen on helping people understand the enormous potentials of the internet and how they can sell anything to anyone using the power of the new media.
I also own a Media company called Voice Of The East, where we promote the Igbo culture, language and its wonderful people.
On what inspired me, I looked around the situation I was born into, I was born into a low income family where my dad was earning just 20,000 naira a month, as a staff of a Local Government Council, My mother died when I was very young, the people around me were all struggling and I told myself that  was not the kind of life I want for myself. My elder brother was like my biggest motivation because he was also struggling.
In 2010, I came back from Cross River State where I had just finished from the College of Education to live with him, and while I was living with him and his fiance
In a One room apartment, I left him in That one room apartment. And I have grown from the stage of squatting with my brother to owning different properties in different parts of Nigeria and living comfortably abroad. So, I can say the situation I was born into was what motivated me and I have always wanted to live life above the average. Now, I am also inspired to help people and I feel some other people’s destinies are tied to mine, so I have to succeed in order for them to succeed, so that is why I work so hard.
My best quote is Run round your dreams until you run into it.
I have been a persistent person, people that know me from time will know that I am very persistent and consistent.
Follow Bitcoin chief  on his social media handles for a chance to win His monthly massive giveaway Free monthly Android phone for active followers,and learn how you to can trade/profit from bitcoin.
Instagram : @bitcoin_chief
Facebook : Gaius Chibueze
Twitter : @gaiuschibueze
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