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Spiritually, the number 7 is sacred and carries ‘the energy of the mystics’. Here are a few popular 17 facts about the number 7

Spiritually, the number 7 is sacred and carries ‘the energy of the mystics’.

Here are a few popular facts about the number 7:

1.The rainbow has seven colors.

2.There are seven continents.

3.On planet Earth there are seven seas.
Every week has seven days.

4.The Lotus flower on Buddha’s pedestal has 7 petals

5.In the Jordan, the leprous Naaman was cured after diving 7 times.

6.In our solar system there are 7 physical planets that have influence over humanity.

7. ln the Bible you will read about 7 Seals and 7 Churches.

No 8 it is believed that each person has six more look-alikes.
That comes to a total of 7.
The look-alikes can be anywhere in the world.

9.Scientists found out many years ago that changes in human beings biologically occur in 7 years.

10.When we talk about lives, we talk about 7 lives.

11.Number 7 symbolizes eternal life in Egypt.
It signifies a dynamic perfection or a complete cycle.
Dr Vishal

12.God Created all things in 6 & rested on 7th day.

13.Seven is a prime number, indivisible by any number except 1 and 7.

14.The Big Dipper constellation has seven stars.

15.There are seven clans in the Cherokee Indian culture.

16.There is a famous group of seven waterfalls in Geirangerfjord, Norway, called The Seven Sisters.

17. The number seven has numerous meanings in Judaism and Christianity and is noted frequently in the Bible. Seven is also an important number of spiritual significance in Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
There are seven deadly sins in the Bible, seven layers of purgatory, and seven sacraments in the Catholic church. The b of Revelations speaks of seven stars, seven trumpets, seven seals, seven angels, seven churches, and seven plagues. Philosopher and patron Saint Thomas Aquinas revealed seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord.
Ref  Academy Lesson number symbolism facts numerology

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