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Facebook users creating content in Nigeria can now start making money from their hard work. Meta has approved the country and ticked it green on creators’ dashboard

Every Entrepreneurs, brands , content creators that wishes to earn legit money from social media need to pay attention to this vital information.

I want to see you win, & l want you to do things in right way, that’s why l keep providing business support,

Facebook community Jidekaiji global services

Facebook users creating content in Nigeria can now start making money from their hard work. Meta has approved the country and ticked it green on creators’ dashboard. There are many ways to make money on Facebook.

This image is my Facebook dashboard, it’s marked βœ… which means l’m eligible to earn πŸ’° πŸ’΅

Note this by MUN.
Please if you see set up, don’t yet. Until we are added to that list officially. I believe this will happen very very soon. Likely by next month. Mark thanks for remembering us.

RE: Many pages are ticking green on country eligibility. Soon Meta will officially add Naija on Monetization eligible list. YES.

Maria Ude Nwachi

I concur here is image from my Facebook timeline, which marked βœ… eligible for earning.

Do’s βœ…
When it’s comes to using song that’s not yours, to create content.

Make sure you are using song that is recognized by meta business, just go to Add music 🎡 scroll to the listed songs & feel free to use it, like l did with my daughter star ⭐ girl Chizispace song.
Facebook meta business recognized it globally.βœ…

The good part about all the songs on Facebook playlist is that even if you don’t add the original music 🎡 name they will automatically add it, once they dictate the sound.

Don’t πŸ‘‡
You need to be careful, to not randomly use any song thinking πŸ€” that they will automatically add the name of the music 🎡 for you.

If the song is not listed on their Facebook Meta business play list, you might wake up one day and discover that your account has been pull down or has issues because of the music 🎡 you used to create content, or certain other violations. Which we will discuss more in my upcoming annual discount training

So this is why some content creators usually use one particular music 🎡 to avoid hard l know.

So for this Monetization things BRACE UP SONG BY MY STAR ⭐ GIRL


Will be my No1 frequent use.
Why not!!!!! βœ…πŸ˜‚
You too can use it… Because it’s recognized globally.
Chaii l really did a great πŸ‘ job on this song.
Give me my flowers 🌺 Biko not easy.
I’m not called spotlight Queen πŸ˜‚ for no reason.
I’m not called global visibility expert for no reason.
I’m not the chief execute in #becomevip
For no reason.

But l give God the glory/praise.

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