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JIDEKAIJI GLOBAL MAGAZINE 20th Edition October to December 2023 issue no 20!

*JIDEKAIJI GLOBAL MAGAZINE 20th Edition October to December 2023 issue no 20*


Ndi Igbo, Philanthropist
Impacting lives
In unique way.

Jidekaiji Annual top 100 Influential brands recognition 2023/24.

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Jide Ka iji πŸ’•

Hard copy is print on demand.
4,000 N each.
Soft copy is 2000 N

Soft copy is now available

Soft copy is now Available here

& Active on Google play store.


We love giving deserving brands Their flowers 🌺🌹 while they are still here, we also love 😘 brands that acknowledge and appreciate our services & even write ✍️ a heartwarming review, recommend Jidekaiji Global Magazine.

One of Jidekaiji Global Magazine Ways to give deserving brands that are making a difference, offering valuable contents, doing innovative things impacting lives positively , evolving in human development, innovation , technology, and shifting mindset for the best.
Is Jidekaiji media Annual top 100 influential brands recognition.
Take your flowers 🌺🌹.

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In celebration of Jidekaiji global magazine 5th Anniversary on 22nd February 2024 & Jidekaiji magazine reading challenge 5th edition.
Themed (Readers are Leaders)
In collaboration with EMAG Mastermind Academy.(Self development & Skill Monetization training.

Support the innovative services we are doing , shinning spotlight, recognizing & exposing the transformational works of entrepreneurs.

*Donate as led, support & appreciate our innovative global services*

Jidekaiji global services Zenith 1016104173



Special appreciation to Editorial team members.

From Maiden edition to 20th Edition.

Get soft πŸ”ˆ copy of 20th edition

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