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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Export a Product to Another Country.(International market)



A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Export a Product to Another Country.(International market)

Hello, my name is Uju Christy Okoye

I have Authored & written 9 Books📚

Turned , produced some of
the Synopsis into movies 🎥

working on my 10th.

Media Consultant/publicity.

Editor in chief Jidekaiji global magazine.
Confident booster/ Skill Monetization Coach.

Please note, that this guide was not created by me. I am recommending it, because it’s one of the great guide I found on the exportation business.

As a media Consultant & Skill Monetization Coach, I have reviewed it and I can tell you for free that after reading this guide you will never have to search again for the right guide on the exportation business.

Everything you will ever need to succeed as an exporter has been explained explicitly in this

However l have my own training courses, books, business coaching & how to attract potential customers, you can find all my trainings, resources here 👇

All my Trainings, resources & Digital Products

I’m recommending, A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Export a Product to Another Country.

To get Access to this guide, you need to register in Entrepreneurs meet & greet EMAG Mastermind academy.

Premium life time Access of the Academy is 40,000 N but you can take advantage of the student offer, 4 weeks training for only 2,000 N for first 500 serious People that will  register within 7 days.


Here 👇🏽

LEARN 7 high demand skills.

◇Gain global visibility influence & profit, Become VIP.

🔥 Learn how to start any profitable business of their choice including the lucrative agribusiness.

(Exporting to International market)

🔥 Stand a chance to win exclusive business promotion interview spotlight in Jidekaiji Global Magazine to boost visibility.

In our Annual Recognition

🔥 Gain an exclusive access to EMAG01 to 06 and watch the replay of our Mastermind Academy global Speakers/coaches Sessions.
worth is priceless.

Watch replay recorded of global coaches training in different topic on business growth, visibility, branding & attracting potential clients locally and Internationally.

*As Entrepreneurs, and business owners if you are battling with the challenges below

📌 1. You lack clarity, of what you really want or how to go about it,unable to set goals and you don’t have vision board.

📌2. You’ve gotten clarity, have vision board, but lack confidence to set goals, implement & execute, you lack Global Visibility influence and you are not generating enough Profit to sustain your daily bills and expenditure.
You want to master best strategy to attract potential customers locally and Internationally.

📌 3. You are not consistent, you don’t show up always, you Don’t know best way to grow lead, grow your social media, plus online & offline and attract more followers and potential buyers, nationwide and international.

Get it all now for 40,000 N

Plus free training material my best selling book

If you wish to pay direct.

If you want to Gain knowledge & guide on only Exportation training, then pay only 2,000 & get access to it on WhatsApp group.(Limited offer for serious people, offer valid for 7 days.

Pay 2,000 N to 👇

Pay into Jidekaiji global services zenith
After payment.
Send proof to WhatsApp

After confirmation of payment

You will be added to Whatsapp training group & EMAG MASTERMIND ACADEMY.

For 4 weeks training, where you will get access to about  20 training videos of global coaches.

The beauty of it,  is that you will learn at your own pace, because it’s pre recorded training videos.

Pay 2000 N within 7 days to qualify for this amazing life changing training.




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