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How to discover passion and purpose, for teens and youths.

I’m facilitating, coaching teenagers and youths.

My desire,goal to see our teenagers and Youths excel in all they do including discovering their talent’s creativity, skills and their true selves made me to Author/published a book titled (Virgin Super Model) sex Education and awareness for teens/young Adults,few years back,
Which is Live on Amazon and Okadabooks,
and Produced/Premiered it as movie 2016, subscribe, watch the film on YouTube @anakingtv.

I extended my goal to them by creating a monthly column on #Jidekaijiglobalmagazine
For Kid, teens and Youth Entrepreneurs.
Catch them young!

I was minding my business consistently building my vision and brand, taken every tears as triumph, every mistakes as lesson, every kick as lift, and every disappointment as blessings.

Not knowing that one prominent Woman of God is watching,
Apostle Nkechi Anayo, General Oversteer of faith revival ministries world outreach.
She’s a graduate of Criminal Justice and public Administration from university of Phoenix in Arizona USA. In recognition of her deep insight into Bible she was conferred with an honorary Doctorate degree by all Nation for Christ institute international, Nigeria, a Christian university affiliated to oral Roberts university, Tulsa Oklahoma USA.

She came across our previous Edition magazine and was marveled and astonished, excited and overwhelmed with joy on the positive Impact we’re dishing out in each Edition on every column particular her attention was caught on our Kid Entrepreneur monthly column by @Chizispace
She also supported our brand/services with cash. Such a generous Woman of God!
God bless her abundantly.

She requested for me and chizi to be part of VCC facilitator’s to teens, Youths section.

We accepted the selfless, volunteer, request.

Tomorrow l will be at Victory Christian Church VCC Head quarter with my daughter .CHIZISPACE

Child actor, kid Entrepreneur and Speaker.

To dish out what we’re passionate about to kids, our Teens and Youths.
Catching them young to discover their talents, for God Glory.

If you need me and my daughter to come and coach and facilitate be it event or reputable ministries
We will be glad to. WhatsaApp/call +2348122211205

You can see my love for teens/youths no joke
As trying to know why the young girl is not cheerful at that moment, and the camera took me unawares.. Hahaha don’t worry l have a better pictures.
It will be on our August Edition JIDEKAIJI MAGAZINE  Kid/Youth Entrepreneur column! We are making a difference (MAD) For God glory.


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