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Exclusive interview with Teen Gospel Artist/Singer. Chizispace Chizitere Okoye 2nd Music titled BRACE UP!!

Exclusive interview with Teen Gospel Artist/Singer.

MEET Chizispace
Chizitere Okoye 2nd Music titled BRACE UP!!
Released on Jan 1st 2024.

🎸What is your name, where are you from, & country of birth ? My name is Chizitere Anachristina Okoye. I’m from Anambra state Nigeria, I was born in Angola.(Portuguese speaking country)

🎸When did you discover your love for singing ?
I discovered my love for singing when I was 6 years old.

🎸Who inspired you to make music? My mum inspired
me to make music. I never had the intention to make music, l just love singing, she saw the talent in me as media consultant Publicity and confident & skills Monetization coach, she
encouraged me to use my God given gift, in a professional way to impact the world 🌎 Positively.

🎸You Mentioned that this is your 2nd music, when did
you released the first and what inspired it?

I released
the first 3 years ago in 2020. At that time Father’s Day
was approaching and what inspired me to write my
Happy Father’s Day song was my love for my amazing
Dad, his soul rest in peace.

🎸How would you describe this 2nd music that you
typically took time to create? I would describe my 2nd
song, Brace Up, as a reminder and a track filled with
loads of encouragement and assurance which many of
us including me, are in need of at certain time in our
lives, is soul Sorting, the music 🎵 is like therapeutic, soul lifting, the testimonials from the amazing people that have listened to it, is enough testament.
Keep streaming BRACE UP, link 🔗

Chizispace official Facebook page

🎸Are you the one that wrote your song? Yes. I wrote my
song and was directed by the Holy Spirit.
How is your Relationship with your parents like, do you
have a close bond?
I had a close bond with my Dad, even though he was
distant and only came back to the country 2-3 times a
year. My mum and I are also very close too. So, I can say
Yes, I do have a close bond with my parents

🎸Who would you like to collaborate with? I’d like to
collaborate with Limo blaze and Sarah Nathalie. I’d
probably have many more choices too in the future.

🎸What is one message you would give to your fans?
Never back down and never give up! Success has a process which takes step by step progress.

🎸Do you sing in the shower?

Whatsongs? I sing many
songs that
justpop into my
head. None specifically.

🎸How do you feel the Internet
has impacted the music

🎸It has impacted the music business alot by
making music
reach to many
places all over
the world.
your favourite song to perform?

Adonai by
Nathaniel Bassey

🎸Which famous musicians do you
Nathalie, Porsha love and Hulvey.
What is the worst & best moment of your life?

🎸The worst moment of my life was when I was told about my
dad’s death and the best moment of my life was when I went for Camp David 2023.
What age where you when you lost your father? 12 years.

🎸How old are you now? 15 years!
I will be, 16
March 22nd 2024.

🎸How are you coping, surviving life, without a father at
this young age?

🎸Grief hurts. No one can replace a loved one who is gone.

🎸It is an Emptiness that doesn’t go away, especially
if you are so close to the person like l was with my
father, he was loving, caring & giver to a fault, l misses
him so much, instead drowning in our pain & grieving
like someone that doesn’t have hope,
l, Fatherless outreach with Chizispace

with my

younger brother Sochikaima , outreach to support
fatherless people that a knock down is not a knock out,
I also give the credit to our  My Super mum

for her priceless
support, she Practices Intentional Parenting and l’m an
Intentional girl as well, God’s grace is sufficient.

🎸What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best
advice Gotten is from my Mum which is to use your God
given talent and be
consistent with it.

And to never envy
other people’s lives
because of what
you see or wish to
be like them but
stay confident and
love yourself!

🎸How often do you
listen to music? 2-5
Times a week
What genres of
music do you like?

I love R&B; Rip hop
and Ambient music.
Which do you
dislike? None for

🎸Can you play a musical instrument?

Yes, my Mum just
got me an Acoustic guitar, my dream instrument, and
I’ve learnt one or two songs and still advancing.
Did you play one as a child?

🎸Yes, I used to play the
piano with my dad when I was 2 or 3 years old and I also played the flute during my primary school days.
Which one do you currently have now?

An Acoustic
Does music have the power to change your mood?

🎸Do you ever buy CDs or records? Or do you just stream
music? No, I don’t buy CDs or records. I stream music.

🎸ls there a song that makes you Emotional? Yes.
Which song is it, and why is it so powerful? So, my
darling by Rachel Chinouriri.
It reminds me of my dad.
How many siblings do you have? I have one sibling, my
Little brother, Sochikaima Kinsley Okoye, aka

🎸Do you like karaoke? Yes! I love it so much and I really
wish to go for Karaoke much more Often if I could.

🎸Do you have a song that you often sing? Yes, what is it?
Adonai by Nathalie Bassey
What’s your favorite movie? Red Notice
What is your favorite
musical? Boss baby, a
Christmas musical
from David’s Army
teen church.

🎸lf you could magically
gain the ability to
play any musical
instrument well,
which would you
choose? Acoustic
guitar ofcourse!
What song best
represents you or
your personality to
life? I have none in
mind at the moment
What class are you?
Art or science student? Science student.
What’s next for you? Writing my WAEC and Jamb.

🎸 l’m also looking forward to securing a full Scholarship Abroad for my Tertiary Studies and making, more songs, Impacting lives
with fatherless support engaging more in community
services, & make a difference in the world by God’s grace
What’s your social media handles? @chizispace on all platforms.
(YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, IG)
Email: chizispaceana@gmail.com

Is more than a Birthday 🎂 wish list.

Baba God perfect everything that concerns this child of mine.

As l try to teach my children how to navigate this complex world 🌎 & fulfill double responsibilitys, help me Lord to give them the best life can offer, life happened to them to be Fatherless as such a young age 😢, but l trust God Almighty the Creator of Universe to be their father & provide all they need according to His richest in glory, by God grace 👏🏽🫶🏼.

May Chizispace destiny Helper locate her, my prayer for you, my star ⭐ girl, May God do for you exceedingly and abundantly more than you wish for.

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This song is for everyone to listen to during tough times and it is a reminder that God is always with you in every stage of your Life.

2nd Music #Braceupsong gospel music, is out , on all digital stores, platform/Apps 🎵

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