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Gaius Chibueze is an African businessman and entrepreneur.

Gaius Chibueze

is an African businessman and entrepreneur.

He is one of Africa’s most influential pioneers in cryptocurrency trading particularly Bitcoin.

He is popularly known as Bitcoin Chief.

He was ranked among the top cryptocurrency traders in 2019 according to Binance.

In 2018, he published his first book “How bitcoin changed my life”.

He has subsequently published 3 others books on cryptocurrency trading and business administration.

He is the founder of Tatcoin

A tradable token in the cryptocurrency market used as the official transactional currency of ABit Network, which focuses on blockchain technology and real estate

He also owns the record label, Konvest music.

His success story is Inspirational.
He is a very kind man, that support and reputable global business, He is one of our premium clients that paid 6 figures, to grace the front cover
5th Edition. Jidekaiji Global Magazine demanded physical copies, which we printed for him.

He is a leader with example, he understand that visibility is not cheap, hence he paid for the work we did for him.
Business spotlight Magazine feature Exclusive interview.

This is why you should understand that not everybody is your clients, those that knows the value and worth of your services will gradually go for it, without stressing you.

Here is me celebrating a kind, Odogwu no be guy name, na man you be.

RECAP On Exclusive magazine interview front cover business spotlight feature, we granted Bitcoin chief.

Jide ka iji Nwokeoma.
Friends and family join me to shower him with prayers and best wishes 🙏❤

Happy Birthday @bitcoin_chief

Great people are indeed born in March!


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