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How to Be a Good Conversationalist

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Conversation is one of the keys that will lead to a brighter future with your girl. A man who is a good conversationalist has higher chances of getting attention from the opposite sex. You yourself have seen men who are not that physically attractive or not that rich but still have a very gorgeous girl or have higher sex appeal.

There are only two things that you have to practice to be a good conversationalist; be a good talker and listener. Being a good talker and a listener may sound easy but it can be very vague. Too much talking may turn off a woman and too much listening may send the wrong message to your date. So read on and follow my simple guide.

Most women would appreciate it if you are the first one to break the ice especially if she is the shy type. On first dates, women like you are trying to analyze your personality and one of the best ways to do this is through talking. Here are some things to do that will make you a good talker and a listener:

* Don’t spill too much about yourself. Let your girl discover more of you from your succeeding dates. Drop simple hints and though women love details, they will never find basketball, fishing and finances interesting topics. Both of you should learn from each other.

Learn something from a woman, her likes and dislikes; the basic stuff. If she opens up a lot about her, then let it be. You should not ask questions like a cop interrogating a suspect.

* Remember your speech class. The simplest lesson in conversation or speech is to speak clearly and slowly. This is the common mistake among those men who are too confident; they end up eating their words and his date dizzy and completely clueless of what he is talking about.

Hence, take your time. Particularly when you talking a little bit of a “guy thing”, talk slowly for your date to absorb everything. If your girl is talking too fast or you didn’t get her, never hesitate to tell her to say it again. Asking her to do so will tell her that you are attentively listening to her and will she will surely appreciate it.

* Don’t monopolize the conversation. Even if you sense that your date is enjoying your stories, never dominate the night. You should be having a conversation and talking to each other; not a monologue. Some women may be too shy to talk but it is not an excuse to just talk and talk. Instead, ask some questions about her or just a simple phrase, “What do you think about _____?”.

Same goes for you if a woman is asking you’re a question. Women detest men who just give them a “yes and no” answer or a one-sentence response. If a woman will ask you something, it is a sign that she wants to know about you. Or she want to know about your opinion and ideas of what she is talking. Hence, it is very vital to listen to her attentively.

* Eye Contact. Eye contact shows the level of interest between you and your date. So if you want to project to your date that you are interested of the latest collection in fashion, try to look into her eyes and nod once in a while. Same goes with her, if her eyes are already roaming across the room, then its time to change your topic. Showing interest is the most apparent sign of a good listener.

In general, a good listener is better than a good talker since women are usually the more vocal ones. Hence, look into her eyes and let her feel confident and learn more about her. In meeting women, you don’t have to a thespian or an adept public speaker to carry out a good conversation. You just have to practice those two basic rules of a talker and a listener.

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