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Xenophobia in extreme at South Africa, Cars were burnt, people were killed, shops looted.

I am saddened by what is going on in South Africa!

This isn’t the first time Nigerians especially are targeted by these unscrupulous miscreants in the name of protecting their ‘beloved country’.

A country that was liberated by Nigerians’ money from apartheid!

Nigeria spent over $60 billion to end the reason why their biggest hero Nelson Mandela was in prison for over 25 years!

They run smooth businesses in Nigeria. From MTN to DSTV and ShopRite! Well patronized by the Nigerian people more than South Africans.

Cars were burnt, people were killed, shops were been looted by lazy people who are simply jealous of the success of foreigners in their own land. Blacks has always been the problem of themselves!

We never heard these idiots target the White or the Indians or Chinese who work with their corrupt leaders to destroy them, instead they are termed ‘investors’ but then when a brother is not what you think he should be you resolve to violence!

Shame on you South Africa!


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