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Universal Music Group came calling. They brought $200 Million, buy upto 80% stake in Marvin Records.

Just Keep Building….

For the past 12 years, Don Jazzy has been building Marvin Records from SCRATCH… Emphasis on “from scratch”… No international funding, no investors – just leveraging his Name to Build the business. I can only imagine the failures, rejections and disappointments he passed through in these 12 years.

But this year, the almighty Universal Music Group came calling. They brought $200 Million with them (some reports claims $125M) to buy upto 80% stake in Marvin Records.

That’s one of the biggest deals in the Nigerian music industry.

Don Jazzy is one person who saw the business side of music early. Imagine if you had 5% in Marvin when he started Marvin Records. You will be sitting on a cool $10M right now after the deal.

This has further inspired me to keep Investing in the entertainment industry in Nigeria using our new vehicle – Big Brain Naija TV show.
The world is interested in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Congratulations Don Jazzy….
Especially for the maturity to let go of the control of a business you started.
Not a lot of our entrepreneurs know when to sell ownership of their business to a new Best Owner. You did it and that is a smart business move.

Charles Awuzie.

Great 👍 move.
Hence my favorite slogan, confidently keep building authority with your niche, the world 🌎 is watching, and monetize your skills, attract the right clients globally.

What’s your take ❓

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