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Ukwa Girl (Chichi Eriobu) exporting Ukwa to the world.

Paul Shane spear.

However, you ought to understand that your efforts would at least change the world for that one person. Your contributions might not make a big difference, and thus, you would not be able to change the whole world.

When you put in some effort and try to help at least one individual, it simply means that you change the world for at least one person.

I took our Lagos marketing representative Charles Henry Edwards
& Plus my Adorable young ceos, PAs,  Chizispace  Actor /Singer/Video Editor.

and Sochikaima Artist/Inspirational speaker.

I’m team catch them young.

to #Dominateinbusiness He sent me the heartwarming appreciation,


  l met alot of amazing global brands.

That’s where l met

Chichi Eriobu   The Ukwa girl.

2nd time, first was Gozie Udemezue Lagos book Launch years back.

We featured/ graced The Don in our 4th Edition Jidekaiji Global Magazine

This 👇🏽 is his Testimonial.

  1. * It was indeed an honor to have seen myself on the cover page of your magazine it was the first time of being featured on the front page of magazine, & it was prophetic for me, as it signaled open doors to many more showcasing.
    Emeka Nobis

We have Uncountable Testimonials like this from brands we have graced and featured in our magazine.

(The Don, My Young ceos & l, with the Framed  🖼️ my Artist Son Sochikaimaking drew Emeka & gifted him at Dominate in Business, Lagos Edition. Which He acknowledged and

👇 Created

Appreciation post.

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Jidekaiji global magazine
for more Reviews.

That is  the beauty and joy, of the  impact, value we offer, with  what we do with, Jidekaiji media company/vision board ❤

Many brands genuinely expressed their appreciation for featuring their brands, the spotlight we offer and recognizing their works in our magazine.
The numbers of people that experienced such for the first time are Uncountable and that’s why we stand out from the crowd,because we see beyond what other media & magazine company see.

Cheers to all legit businesses, Keep making impact with your brands while we will keep, recognizing, celebrating you all, Granting you business promotion Spotlight and recognition,  who doesn’t love  Spotlight?

Learn to acknowledge your own efforts and try to give adequate value to it, so that others get benefitted by the same.

l’m shining business spotlight for

Phronesis Foods

 Latest Ukwa products.

Plus the amazing offer they have for the clients.

Connect with them, and patronize the Rich healthy Ukwa goodness

By Ukwa girl (Chichi Eriobu

Be inspired with this article,Learn the act of adding values to people life, and also the act of appreciation.

there is nothing like over night success, it takes years of putting the work, mastering the process, connecting, networking, attending events, meeting like minded people with Innovative global mindset.

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