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Top 5 Museums in Nigeria.

A museum is a bank of cultural resources, a collection of memories about man’s way of life, his achievements and progress over time. Museums are places where history is made tangible. Museums in Nigeria are memory banks that remind us of our past, inspire our present, and help us to plan for the future.

The evolution of museums in Nigeria can be dated from the 1950s. Numerous museums have been created to help in the managing of Nigeria’s cultural materials which are mostly artefacts and ethnographic materials found within the country. The museums in Nigeria collect, store, and showcase to the public the cultural materials of the ancient days and history. In view of this, most museums are stock with antiquities most of which their photographs are seen in books and other public historical documents.

Below are the Top 5 Museums in Nigeria

The Nigerian National Museum located in Onikan Lagos has an exceptional collection of arts, cultures, archaeological and ethnographic exhibits.

There are pieces of carvings and historical statues and monuments here. The museum is one of the best museums in Nigeria and it’s an experience worth having. National Museum, Lagos was founded in 1957.

The Jos museum gives an insight into the prehistoric culture of Nigeria. With its collection of Nok terracotta heads – sculptures which date as far back as 500 B.C., There are collections of finely crafted pottery in the Pottery Hall inside the museum. The unique exhibits in the museum will definitely add to your vacation experience and leave you enchanted. The Museum was founded in 1952 and it is situated near the Jos Zoo in the heart of the city.


The national war museum is a preserve of the travails of historical wars in Nigeria, located in Umuahia, Abia State, the museum comprises of the Armed Forces gallery, the civil war gallery and the traditional warfare gallery. Collections in the museum include; Ojukwu Bunker, Nigeria civil war weapons, Aba Women Riot, materials related to Niger Delta conflicts and Enugu Coal Miner Riots, and other relics such as local bombs also known as Ogbunigwe. The War Museum is a reminder of the atrocities and the barbarism of war. Visit the War Museum and re-experience the dark days of Civil War through observation.

The Calabar  Museum

    1.  is set in a beautiful colonial structure. As a slave trade museum, it offers a variety of exhibitions which include artworks and artefacts of the pre-colonial and colonial era as well as documentations on the slave trade and relics of British Empire.

The National Museum, Kaduna offers a collection of many archaeological and ethnographic artefacts such as terracotta statuettes and Benin bronzes.

A traditional craft village is also located within the Museum premises, here you will see creative art crafts and even watch craftsmen at work. The craft exhibition here that will leave you inspired and give you boost your creativity.

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