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Spangler got talent 2020 or Got Vote? The Winner of highest vote is Nwafor Akunna Claire.

Purit Abhulumhen is the founder of Spangler Market and Vent Sq, an online market place for Nigerians.

Purit was inspired to establish her business owing to the constant frustration experienced by SMEs when trying to sell their products.

She was prompted to set up an online market platform where people can sell and buy anything and get them delivered to their choice locations to support small businesses access markets with their products

Recently she conducted Spangler got talent 2020.

This seemed to be an enrichment business Strategy, she should have named it Spangler got vote, not Spangler got talent.

Majority of Nigerian are yet to understand what real Talent is.

That is why high percentage of presumed Talents in her competition are not really Talented, they got a vote from people who doesn’t understand the true meaning of talent.
Some of the top 100 are Talented no doubt.

But majority are still learning work!

Meanwhile those that did not meet up with the vote are far better than the top finalist.

That is why is important to create your own opportunity instead of waiting for opportunity.

 Chizispace 12 year old child Actor and Singer, created her own opportunity by releasing her latest single music.

Happy Father’s day

For those that got real Talent and was not shortlisted among the winners.

Don’t let the system of their voting discourage you.

Forward ever backward never.


Because the real talented contestants did not win.

They are the real winners, not those that bought their vote!

Here are the winners that bought their vote.

They suddenly left majority of their members wondering what really happened?

How come?

How about the previously Announced top 7 finalist?

Is it really Talent show or enrichment Business money making gambling through vote?

Many Questions from Spangler market place Facebook page members.

This are my observations and findings.

My honest Review.

Feel free to add yours.





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