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Gain Global Visibility, Influence And Profit At EMAG04

CEO, Jidekaiji Global Services, Mrs Uju Anaking Okoye Launches Her Book ‘Become VIP’ Alongside Her Birthday Celebration With A Massive Giveaway For EMAG04 Enrollment.
July 1st 2021 – Lagos, Nigeria.

Mrs Uju Anaking Okoye, CEO of Jidekaiji Global Services will be celebrating her birthday on the 16th of July 2021 and will be also be launching her book ‘Become VIP’ on 1st July.

This happen to coincide with the fourth edition of Entrepreneur Meet And Greet (EMAG), one of Jidekaiji Global Services biggest events scheduled for the 1st -30th 2021.

A must-attend event for Entrepreneurs who want to gain visibility, influence and profit.

EMAG is a Global Mastermind Academy in which ambitious and creative young people and brands come together for global visibility, influence and also building confidence in business. This edition of EMAG kicks off on 1st July and ends on 30th July 2021.

As a participant of EMAG04, you will get to meet and greet global brands, have an opportunity to interact with thought leaders, meet potential investors, collaborators, support systems, coaches, learn the ropes to gaining global visibility, influence and profit plus questions and answer with thought leaders to aid clarity.

As a way of celebrating her birthday, the convener of EMAG04, Mrs Uju Anaking Okoye would be giving out birthday giveaways.

Be a part of her birthday giveaway and book launch by joining her 3000+ community members @ Jidekaiji Global Services Facebook Group. As a member of her community, you will:
Stand a chance to gain global visibility, influence and profit.
Learn how to start any business of your including the lucrative agribusiness with or without capital.
Learn how to self fund yourself and business, get legitimate grant.
Learn effective strategies you can apply in pitching your business brand to attract potential investors and customers.
Start earning extra income even before enrolling in EMAG04.
You can’t this anywhere else, so take advantage of this.

The training worth N100,000, but you will get it for a friendly offer, 4,999 N Plus participants will be entitled to the following bonuses;

Receive her new book #BecomeVIP.

Learn how to start any profitable business of their choice including the lucrative agribusiness with or without capital.
Stand a chance to win exclusive business promotion interview spotlight in Jidekaiji Global Magazine to boost visibility.
Gain an exclusive access to EMAG04 and watch the replay of our Mastermind Academy Speakers Session worth N50,000.
Get it all now for just N4,999.99 (Giveaway Offer).
Click on the link: https://cutt.ly/pnlY7sC

About Jidekaiji Global Services

Jidekaiji Global Services is a media company registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC. Our services includes;
Media Telecommunications
Online/Offline business promotion and business training
Red Carpeting/Event Hosting
Film Making
Social Media Management Services.

Get the offer now for N4,999.99, limited slots available. Click on the link: https://cutt.ly/pnlY7sC


For more inquiries and information about the offer, Jidekaiji Global Services and EMAG04, contact us through:
Website: www.jidekaijimedia.com
Email: jidekaijimedia@gmail.com
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See you at the VIP global movement, impossible is nothing.

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