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Nwanyiocha to become the CULTURE Commissioner of Anambra! 



To become the CULTURE Commissioner

Famous on Facebook before extending her popularity to other social media. Best known for uploading videos where she is seen speaking Igbo and Pidgin. She is really proud of her husband Ezenwa and the tribe she is married to (Igbo).

She on her Instagram bio; ” Igbo Culture through the eyes of a white lady!
Proud Igbo wife, mother of three.
Nri ọṅụṅụ, Nsịbịdị, omenala, art and music inspire me!!”


True love they say has no boundaries. It knows no color or language barrier. Such is the case between an Igbo man from Isuofia in Anambra State of Nigeria and a white lady from Switzerland. These two lovebirds have been together for many years. Their marriage is blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and one girl.

Though some people have some mixed opinion 🤔

Like Chudi lkegbo 👇🏽

She can be DG Tourism and Social enhancer Agency but NOT CULTURE Commissioner because she doesn’t really know our culture and traditions as deep as the Commissioner is expected. She promotes Igbo dressing and has shown love for our attire. She can handle a unit/Dept in Culture Ministry

She is one of us but responsibility shouldn’t be mixed with sentiments. I appreciate her.


In my own opinion,  she deserve it, because she is open minded person that love Igbo Culture very well despite being Onyeocha, she will likely do well if given such opportunity.

Jidekaiji NWANYIOCHA ✔️.

What do you think 🤔?

Picture credit! Jidekaiji magazine featured Nwanyiocha and her beloved Husband Ezenwa & congratulate them on their wedding 💒 anniversary ❤.




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