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Nigerian artist and Father of 7 children, 2Face has gotten a banker pregnant.


A report says Nigerian artist and Father of 7 children, 2Face has gotten a banker pregnant´… which is the reason why he recently issued a public apology to his wife. This will be the 6th child he is welcoming outside his marriage 😬

His wife, Annie Idibia is smiling and sticking around.

QUESTION: Is it better to have a cheating husband who leaves your house in the morning, slides in another woman’s bed with no condom, makes sweet love to her raw, passionately and deeply, then returns home to you, than to be single and have no claim to a man at all?

Cause this is the reality of a lot of women around the world. Getting married to most men is like a pact to be embarassed.

Musician 2face Idibia has tendered a public apology to his wife, Annie Idibia for hurting her for the umpteenth time.

Sharing a video of Annie in bed on his Instagram page, 2face Idibia wrote “Forever Grateful go u @annieidibia1 Love u till I die…U kind is rare #GRATEFUL to u forever. Sorry I messed it all up.

Although Annie Idibia is yet to acknowledge the apol

ogy, many have insinuated that the singer has probably hurt Annie again by cheating on her and emotionally abusing her.


Is it true that a typical African man, believe that men are polygamy in nature?

Their definition of good woman is when you accept their cheating and keep forgiving and pretend nothing happened, hummm is it not emotional damage? How about the physical consequences of contacting std? My sister keep enjoying  your horseband.


Tubaba your manhood is really fireing.

Onye olu.

Annie you are trying, The Lord is your strength.


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