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Meet Beautiful, Brilliant Female Vice- Chancellor – Prof Nnenna Oti

Science and Technology. She also chaired the Gender Policy Unit of the institution and was the dean of its post-graduate school.

She succeeded Prof Francis Eze, whose tenure expired in June 2021. The university don beat her closest rival Prof Ikechukwu Dozie who scored 69.7 per cent to the seat, having scored 75.5 per cent, in a race contested by six candidates.

Oti is married to Dr Nnannaya Oti, and their marriage is blessed with three children.

Excerpt from Editorial Ng

This is a hero of democracy in this year election. She stood her ground. She sent no intimidation. Even when order came from above, she blew it up and told the world how Mahmoud gave directive, which made the ekperimacious INEC Chairman to deny it with his shameless press conference.

Imagine if other RECs and Professors are like this woman who stands for the truth and something right. Imagine if they were like her, I am certain Nigeria will not be where it’s now.

Professor Nnenna Oti has shown that everyone does not have a price. You cannot pay everyone to compromise principle.

Professor Nnenna Oti is from Afikpo, Ebọnyị State. She is the first female Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Owere and past immediate Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Institution.

They tried everything to intimidate her, she stood her ground and liberated ndị Abịa.

This shows that, despite everything, there are still people with value who show glimpse of hope in this hopeless enclave.

This woman’s statue needs to be molded in every corner of Abịa State.

Recently, I hate to see any professor title in Nigeria. I began to see all of them as shameless crîmînals base on the roles Vice-chancellors who worked as State REC played in this year’s election. With this woman’s action, I now believe there are still principled and well valued professors who indeed, merited their positions.

Oh, she’s my sister.

I paused!
Mazi Ogbonnaya.

Jidekaiji media CONGRATULATES You, Powerful Strong woman.

Jide ka iji Nwanyioma 💕




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