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I found my Life Purpose! (I’m murderer)

I’m a murderer….
I have committed a lot of murder.
But I promise to repent.

I want to Stop killing!

The fire burning inside me will not let me to stop, each moment l will be hungry to pick up the weapons pen/ paper to kill that untold stories and unspoken words.
Each time l remember that one of the ten commandments as Christian is, Do not commit murder, l refrained.
But the passion to tell my own unique stories will not let me be.

I hate to write, yet l have Authored, written 7,  intriguing  transformational books, fiction and non fiction, and produced about ten movies.
My why l should write haff practically overshadowed my challenges….(don’t tell me is Not Haff, ooo that the right word is  Have” because l”m at it again murdering English)

Thank God for Editors/ proof readers. and Thank God for Movies / Films, public speaking, l express my self best with it.

I’m trying to repent to be a great writer that’s keep learning, reading, self developing myself at every opportunity.

When it comes to acting l can kill, murder without repentance.

When Passion is more powerful than the overwhelming challenges of Life.

I got only one option, to show up, and Strive to be above the sky, with God sky is not a limit but starting point!

I find solace in writing books and telling stories, fictions/non fictions which later become part of my success story
I found my voice in Producing Life changing stories/Acting and When it comes to acting you can’t do without writing scripts.

I’m not in competition with anybody
The only competition l have is the reflection l see when l look at myself in the mirror.

I killed it again,(murdered it) our media company, which consist of magazine, blog, shop, books, online training,master class, how you too can find your purpose,profit from your passion, from normal to global,  business start up tips, recommendations of over 50 business ideas you can start with little capital and make great profits, on our master class Lifestyle mastery secret. And ways you can gain more visibility,  more sales if you have started already.

Impact, influence, profit, with your passion. we are one click away send us email media@franksfides.com Whatsaaap +2348122211207.

lets shine your business spotlight on our websites and Playstore to billions of users in the world.

Install our jidekaiji media App go to google play store, read on the go!

I’m the only person that has the capacity to stop me.
I”m not stopping! Forward ever backward never.


Have you find your purpose?

You can find yours too
Impossible is Nothing!

Have you discover your passion?

What’s stopping you?

Whats your own Challenges?

Share your challenge!

Photo credits on set as Grandma. produced by Lolo Nchee Ejifor, which my then 4 year old son featured as child actor. (power of unspoken words, Virtual and Art! off set, my normal daily life. and Dreamstime image.

Uju Christy Okoye.
The only person that will stop you is you!


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