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I came to effect positive changes in “Area E” Command…ACP Eburuaja Nwachukwu


Behold an Archiever. That is the title of the citation of Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Eburuaja Nwachukwu

ACP Eburuaja Nwachukwu.

Nwachukwu is no doubt a gallant, perfect police officer who has a proven records of sagacity and honesty. Every human being has a peculiar responsible destiny to pursue in life, no matter how

it behoves on every individual to play his part well.

The case of ACP Nwachukwu is a critical evaluation of honour fully accomodated without blemish.

It is then no accident when Commissioner of Police Lagos state, CP Idowu Owohunwa visited Area E Command to see the good jobs the Area Commander has been doing.

“I always have passion for positive changes and good work.” ACP Nwachukwu has silenced and shamed his critics and transformed the landscape of Festac Town to a beautiful London in less than a year.

CP Idowu Owohunwa was very impressed of the good jobs done by ACP Nwachukwu.

The people of Festac Town described Nwachukwu as a thoroughbred Police Officer who has sanitised the area and drove away bad elements. They commended his forsight in the area of crime fighting as there is relative peace in the vicinity due to the activities of his Officers.

His activities around Amuwo Odofin LG Area was described as impressive due to his leadership and the brilliance of his strategies, administrative acumen on the home front and the national space.

He has displayed sincere brotherliness, strategic brinkmanship and encompassing accomodations.

ACP Nwachukwu is a gallant officer of vast academic and has exhibited the courage to fight criminals. He attended several courses within and outside the country. Nwachukwu does not only take interest in acquiring knowledge, he also finds joy and fulfillment in impacting and sharing knowledge. He is a great Archiever, crime burster and consumate police officer.

Nwachukwu raised from a modest background in a local village setting through divine Providence has been privileged to thread the face of the earth.

indeed he has been a growing banner without stains in Nigeria police force.

His exploits and amiability endeared him to the heart of the good people of Festac Town Area E Command and Lagos state.

His police career exploits and dexterity have been a catalyst of positive changes throughout his life and this is manifested anywhere he finds himself at any particular time.

Excerpt City Express news

I met with Area commander regards to the petition l filed a year ago, in His division, when the former ACP was on duty, Commander Ajakpe.

He demonstrated quality of true leader.

When you’re healed, you tell the story differently.

Dash Hudson.

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Chigozie Christiana Udemezue

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Picture 🖼️
Behold an Archiever. That is the title of the citation of Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Eburuaja Nwachukwu
Area commander, IPO & l.
Police 🚓 officer’s , Commander, with emotional intelligence & Archiver.

You are great Achiever

Jide ka iji Sir 🙏


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