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Help! Married but l’m having Affair with…. P


I’m having affair with P.

l have no regret, l love my husband, his the best gift in the world no doubt but l can’t seem to stop having affair with this strange lover, that’s why l’m confessing my sins.

l’m sure if you know the name of this my lover how useful He is you will also confess that you’re guilty as much as I’m.

Please tell me how do l stop?

He is always there for me morning, afternoon and Night, week days, weekend and even on Sunday.

He help me to do basically all my task without complaints.

I can’t stop loving Him.

Don’t dare tell me to repent or stop because l’m not stopping, in fact disconnecting myself from him is like taken away part of me!

Is no longer secret because my husband knows about him

But l tried to control myself whenever l’m with my husband.
He understand that my work is connected to my phone!
His also guilty of the affair.

I write with my phone most times
I attend my clients with phone
I top credit to my clients with my phone, l record and Edit my shot Films with my phone. I do my online training with my phone,
telecommunications, media is one of our familiar business, my husband is equally as guilty as l’m

Yes I’m Love with my Phone.

I’m having affair with my PHONE.

And l have no regret with this relationship!

Who else is guilty as l’m???

Aside from answering call what else do you use you’re phone for?
Oya confess your sin now and be free.

Uju Christy Okoye.

The only person that can stop you is you!

4 thoughts on “Help! Married but l’m having Affair with…. P”

  1. Beautiful script. My phone is my closest friend but as much as a wider percentages of people are guilty too, we should try to balance the affairs so the love do not become an obsession (addiction).

  2. Beliv##….Our phone is very useful oo”l’m guilty Awesome write up””❤ keep it coming.

    Thanks. glad l’M NOT THE ONLY GUILTY ONE.

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