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Media Consultant, Editor in chief Jidekaiji global magazine,Uju Christy Okoye, becomes Forbes BLK 2023 member.

It’s great to be recognized, accepted into the Forbes BLK Community, alongside other phenomenal voices; Entrepreneurs, Global leaders, Founders, Creators and Professionals.

My membership into the Forbes Black Excellence Society will provide me the opportunity to be part of important conversations, networks, and mentorship, as I lend my voice and contribute to diverse topics across the globe.

Jidekaiji Global Magazine
Track records,impacts,of Recognizing, celebrating, featuring, awarding, extraordinary brands, from Maiden Edition, 2019 to 20th Edition 2023, power of consistency!
I’m among the league of women, who are
Still powering on, despite the dismiss of my husband, this is another level of inspiration to other women, that if life give you lemon πŸ‹, make lemonade with it, never look like what you’ve been through.

l’m working on my 10th book πŸ“š
Tilted MISTAKES MEN & WOMEN SHOULD AVOID AS COUPLE (A Tale of a Widow). 30% of the sales made from this book will go to #fatherlessoutreachwithchizispace

Read that again.. It’s global movement.

One of our mantra & vision is to give people their flowers 🌺 while they can smell it, not when they are gone.

Entry for 20th Edition Magazine Spotlight is on
Key in πŸ‘‡


Paid Services.

Jidekaiji media,Top 100 influential brands recognition 2023, Nominate, List the deserving brands.
Recognition is Free.

As Media Consultant, Editor in chief of African No1 global Magazine, Spotlight πŸ“°πŸŽ₯
Confident Booster & Monitize Skills Coach.

Feel free to give me, The Queen πŸ‘‘ of spotlight, my well deserved flowers 🌺🌹.

with several years of experience & confidently building authority with my niche, l am looking forward to utilizing this platform to inspire other Global brands, Entrepreneurs, who seek to tell the African story, one day at a time.

Keep sharing your brand story, the good, bad & the ugly, celebrate your little & big win.
Don’t bother if you have zero likes, little engagement,
Until you post bad news, you won’t understand the number of people that are reading your contents ,on a daily basis.
Keep posting valuable contents, keep sharing your wealth of knowledge, products & services, potential clients are reading!

Thank you,Β Forbes BLK

for accepting me into this rich community.

I appreciate all Jidekaiji Editorial team members,
our brand Ambassadors, Nigeria & diaspora.
It’s our Win, Let’s keep building.
God bless you all for your support.

Uju Christy Okoye
Media Consultant
Global brand
Queen πŸ‘‘ of Spotlight.

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