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How Does Becoming a Good Speaker Benefit Your Life?

Every time I step up to speak to many people, I cannot allow them to forget me. I must make them remember me by delivering a memorable speech.

Why is this important? It’s partly due to my personality – I’ll either do a damn good job or don’t do at all. It’s also beneficial to your career or business because you need people to know you. It’s not who you know, it’s who know you!

What are the ways to make people know you? You can spend money to print namecards, advertisements, even flyers and brochures to give as many people as possible. Or you can start opening your mouth and make people remember you.

In the business world today, the Word-Of-Mouth is still the most effective marketing method. I’ve seen this many times in the property market – clients coming to us because of our nice ads, flyers, but when it comes down to face-to-face appointment, they are still withdrawn towards us. On the other hand, clients who were referred to by a friend will sign anything we ask them to.

Why? Because this trust between their friendship is transferred to us automatically when someone makes a referral.

My point is, start talking to people. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation or circumstances. Just talk and tell them about your work. Make it interesting, collect stories. Show them that your work is interesting. Even if it’s not, telling them how is it not interesting is also interesting.

A good business person can talk about work and play anytime. A great business person can combine work and play. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk about what they do will probably not remain in business for a long time because they are doing it for money. A person who can talk about work even after work shows great passion in his/her work.

So start by creating stories about what you do. Every line has its funny moments. Every line has its interesting moments. If your job involves people, then you’ll have more stories.

And what is good public speaking? It’s always 20% theory and 80% examples. The examples comes from your stories. And stories are told by you.

Start today and create 10 stories about your job that’s simple and interesting. Bring them around and tell one to every new person you meet. Trust me, it will benefit your life.

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