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In pre-colonial African societies, Black hair was seen as a symbol of a person’s identity.

Popular styles like braids, twists and dreadlocks were used to symbolise a person’s tribe, social status and family background.

Hair was a sacred cultural and spiritual symbol in ancient African societies. Ancient African communities fashioned their hair for more than just style.

Throughout the continent, a person’s hairstyle could tell you a lot about who they were and where they came from.

It’s very important for us to build our confidence with wearing our African hair first before any other hair, we need to teach our Young girls that their African hair is their pride,
Let them naturally fall in love 💕 with their natural hair, my 16 year old daughter & l Chizispace wear natural hair we doesn’t use relaxer on our hair, you as adult you can wear any type of hair of your choice, you are old enough to know what you want.

But you need to understand that wearing Oyibo hair the one most people in this part of nation refer as (Human hair) doesn’t’make you more classy /higher.

If you think it’s makes you more classy, higher ,and you call it good hair, you need to change that mindset and please keep your innocent African girl child out from such ignorant low mentality.

Yes l said so, because the hype most girl place on another fellow human being hair like you is beginning to effect younger girl confident & they might think that their own natural hair is not good!

If we know better let’s do better.
The funny part is that you called another race human being hair human hair( the real name is Hair extensions) because all humans black or white! Have Natural hair or is yours Animal hair ❓
Is high time we start discussing this vital issue, but l’m certain we are not ready for it, because of the damage control.

Learn this today!

We have different types of hair.
E g
African hair
Brazilian hair
Vietnam hair
Chinese hair
Peruvian hair etc.

Your hair as African is equally classy/good as the other race, but different textures, which is why every race are unique in their different textures kind of hair.

Stop putting your own African hair as 2nd class.
Your natural hair should be 1st class.

That’s your pride and heritage, it’s okay to switch look and wear hair extensions another race hair.(Vietnam hair etc)

Though l prefer my natural African hair and place it as first class! I have/wear the one people call human hair from another race, and wearing it should be a choice, preference not a way to feel higher than other women.

Know the difference and work on your mindset around it.

This is why l love the kind of innovative brand Ngozi Aghala is building with Natural Skin & Hair care brand.

She just secured her first haircare distributorship in CANADA!

Her customer’s in Canada don’t have to pay Waybill again from Nigeria.
She will redirect you to bleu Island distributor Canada.

She said This client purchased her haircare products, used them, saw the result, repurchased over and over again, and said you know what? Let’s do business.

And yesterday the deal was sealed.

Cheers to more bigger deals ❤️

We recognized her brand in Jidekaiji media Annual recognition in previous edition #topinfluencialbrands

She also made it to 20 men and women to watch making global impact with their services in 21st Edition magazine is now available for free.


Picture 🖼️ credit Ngozi Aghala Founder Blue Island Naturals 

client hair in Canada.

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