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288 People Die, Many Injured In India Train Crash

288 People Dead, Many Injured In India Train Crash

Friday was a dark day in Indian, as no fewer than 288 people lost their lives in a fatal train crash.


AFP reported that the crash happened due to the collision of three trains.

The crash, described as the deadliest that has ever happened in the country in 20years also left another over 850 people with varying degrees of injuries.

Images from the crash site showed smashed train compartments torn open with blood-stained holes near Balasore, in the eastern state of Odisha.

Carriages had flipped over entirely in the crash late on Friday and rescue workers searched for survivors trapped in the mangled wreckage, with scores of bodies laid out under white sheets beside the tracks.

May almighty God and Creator of universe comfort the family. Hope the India Leader’s will do something positive to avoid reoccurring.

Such a tragic situation.


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