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MasterMind Academy

Entrepreneurs Meet And Greet is a global virtual summit (a one-stop platform/community on Facebook) in which ambitious and creative young people – students, fresh graduates, youths, young entrepreneurs and young professionals, and brands come together for global visibility, influence and profit and also, building confidence in business.

Is Mastermind academy.

What is Mastermind?

Do I need a Mastermind?

If you are an online business owner who needs help selling their high end program or service.

YES You need Mastermind

Effective ways to sell your products and services, and why you laverage on your brand story.

If you are a dreamer with an idea for an online business and want to learn everything you need to know, YES.
Startup Fundamentals.

If you are an online business owner who needs help selling their multitude of smaller products and services, YES.
You need Mastermind

The importance of personal branding in business.

If you are a person who NEEDS to learn how to create your digital products, turn your intellectual knowledge to digital Products, turn your passion to Profit and also help other businesses with your valuable knowledge and Contents, which you can Monitize your knowledge.

You need Mastermind

Turning Your Passion/Skill into a Cash Cow Via Books.
And also
Outstanding skill development.

The importance of creating and maintaining powerful morning routines that work for you and not against you, in the exciting adventure of each individual reaching their wildest dreams and goals.

YES you need Mastermind
The act of laveraging on your brand story, importance of praying over your vision and brand(Jidekaiji Magazine brand story, and intersection prayer.

Mastermind means a group of strategizing in a way that helps each individual.

You can expect ongoing support that is far above and beyond what you’d get in a self-paced DIY course. You’ll also get the additional benefit of the other mastermind members who are walking a similar journey and can provide help and support as well.

Our masterminds are between 1-4 weeks Monthly basis.

that turns followers into clients,
A transformation offer, that attract potential customers Globally.

Workbook Course outline is FREE.

See you at the Entrepreneurs meet and greet EMAG.

Mastermind academy.